Life Safety Compliance Solutions


Life Safety Compliance Solutions (LSCS) is the only national turn-key provider of all things life safety. Our wide and deep service offerings include:

  • Mock Surveys for Accreditation
  • Life Safety Assessment
  • Life Safety Prints (LSP’s) Design/Creation and Updates
  • On-site Life Safety Director Services Solutions (CLSS-HC Certified)
  • Fire Door Inspections and Repairs
  • In-field Re-Labeling of Fire Doors and Frames
  • Overhead Rolling Fire Door Inspections and Repairs
  • Fire Damper Inspections and Repairs
  • Fire-Stopping Survey and Installation
  • Fire Alarm Panel Testing
  • Exit Sign/Emergency Light Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Testing
  • Fire Suppression System Testing
  • Kitchen Hood Inspection and Cleaning
  • Emergency Power Generator Testing
  • Medical Gas and Vacuum System Testing

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Professional Services

LSCS Professional Services consist of industry leading support services to improve the education, training, and comprehensive client support to improve life safety compliance. Three of these services: performing full Life Safety Assessment, creating and updating Life Safety Prints (LSP’s) and out-sourcing Life Safety Director services allow clients to better manage their investment in life safety assets, reducing costs, and to affordably mitigate risks to life safety.



Contact Life Safety Compliance Solutions to schedule a training session, to scope consulting work required, to update your LSP’s and save you money on subsequent work, and/or to investigate the benefits of an expert Life Safety Director on your premises to keep you fully compliant.

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