Life Safety Compliance Solutions

Emergency Management

Threats to constantly maintaining a safe environment for patients and guests in your hospital include emergencies; some are emerging that require new considerations and solutions. Fire, hurricane, tornado, and earthquake emergencies are often top-of-mind and every hospital is required to have policies, procedures, practice (drills), and post-drill assessments. But is your hospital ready for a cyber-security breach or for an active shooter on premises?

One of the biggest gaps in hospital compliance related to emergency management is the gap between campus security and facilities management. Security practices and protocols often require something of operating departments and facilities, but those departments either don’t know of the requirement or the requirement is lost in the many details facilities teams juggle every day. Life Safety Compliance Solutions will work with your security and facilities teams to integrate policies, procedures, practices, and assessments to ensure hospital compliance to CMS standards and JC surveys.

Life Safety Compliance Solutions is your one stop, turn-key provider for Environment of Care mock surveys, all things life safety, and emergency management compliance.

No more finger pointing. Fewer vendors. Integrated solutions. Reduced costs. Mitigated Risk.



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