Life Safety Compliance Solutions

Environment of Care

Hospital accreditation requires management plans in all facility areas that can impact the quality of patient care. Six management plans are currently required for accreditation:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Hazardous materials and waste
  • Fire safety
  • Medical equipment
  • Utilities

Each management plan is required to address risk assessment, staff development, emergency response and procedures, inspection, testing, and maintenance, information collection and evaluation, performance monitoring, and annual evaluation. Referencing appropriate standards and elements of performance throughout the plans is necessary but insufficient to satisfy the ultimate requirement to constantly maintaining a safe environment for patients and guests.

An assurance step toward compliance with Joint Commission standards and constantly maintaining a safe environment for patients and guests, is to ensure your hospital is always survey-ready. Life Safety Compliance Solutions will supplement your facilities management team by providing baseline Environment of Care surveys and post-implementation mock surveys to ensure your hospital is survey-ready. Our team of surveyors is highly credentialed and led by leading industry experts in Environment of Care rounds and mock JC surveys.

The Life Safety Compliance Solutions’ software provides industry leading Environment of Care Tours that track issues raised during tours, facilitate notification to appropriate parties, kick-off ILSM protocols, provide on-going notifications to ensure the issue loop is completely closed, and provide complete management reporting for verification of management processes and compliance thereto. The EC Tours module is fully integrated with a full suite of solutions, that makes compliance easy for your hospital.



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