Life Safety Compliance Solutions


Fire-Stopping Survey and Installation

Fire & Smoke Barrier Inspections and Repairs

With the constant expansion and upgrade of hospitals and the frequent enhancement of technology throughout their facilities, hospitals leave themselves exposed with non-compliant holes and barrier penetrations that can lead to both infectious and smoke/fire risks. Fire Door Solutions can assess, inspect, repair, report-on, and design solutions to minimize smoke and fire barrier deficiencies. This is part of Fire Door Solutions’ turn-key service and commitment to making compliance easy.

Fire Door Solutions can participate in the design and provide advice on planned barrier walls pre-construction, and can provide post-construction inspections for compliance to life safety codes. When a Joint Commission visit is pending, call us to mitigate any risks of non-compliance with fire/smoke barriers.

Our complete inspections will provide the Facility Director with specific visual evidence of deficiencies, whether fire-stopping, wall assemblies, open junction boxes, or untreated breaches and penetrations above the ceiling. Our services include:

  • Line-item budgeting for scope and schedule of repair activities post-inspection
  • Repairs to get the facility into compliance with life safety codes
  • Properly labeled and marked life safety plans
  • Critical area review and related training for facility operations staff or vendors

Let Fire Door Solutions be your turn-key partner in all things life safety. Compliance made easy.