Life Safety Compliance Solutions

Survey Active Response Team

Life Safety Compliance Solution’s Active Survey Response Team is ready to deploy into your organization immediately after a CMS, Joint Commission or DNV Survey that did not go as planned. Our team members have both the survey and technical expertise to help you navigate Condition Level or Preliminary Denial of Accreditation findings.


Immediate Response Services: Gain Control of Your Survey

  • Onsite Technical Consulting
    • Navigate and Develop formalized responses with proven methodologies for:
      • Survey Plan for Improvement (SPFI)
      • Time Limited Waivers (TLW)
      • Evidence of Compliance
    • Life Safety Print Review
    • Formalized Document Review and Updates including:
      • Life Safety: Fire Doors, Dampers, and Barriers
      • Environment of Care
  • Onsite Remediation Services
    • Fire Door Repairs and Relabeling
    • Fire Door Replacements
    • Fire Barrier/Stopping Repairs
    • Fire Damper Repairs
    • Life Safety Assessment / Life Safety Print Updates


Ongoing Consulting Services: Always Be Survey Ready

  • Onsite Technical Consulting
    • Systematic Process Improvement
    • Development of Documentation Procedures and Expectations
    • Compliance Culture Development
    • Interim/Ongoing Life Safety Director Services (Onsite)
    • Interim Facility Director (Onsite)
    • Mock Survey
      • Annual
      • Pre-Survey Window



Life Safety Compliance Solutions